So... it struck me as quite funny that the fundraising pack we have received from Cancer Research UK starts by telling us we have taken the first step towards helping beat cancer. There are so many steps involved with our challenge and we are now asking for you to step with us...
Our pack goes on to mention there are 200 types of cancer. 200!! I never knew there was so many? Whilst we may feel tired as we do our challenge it is nothing compared to how the researchers feel working tirelessly to find new ways to prevent, control and cure this ugly disease?! It also highlights how lucky we are to be able to do the challenge (all 3 of us together) as those battling the disease have to reserve their energy to fight... it is the thought of us helping them that makes me even more determined!!

I thought I would share some important facts they have provided, which I hope will help encourage you to donate - as with your donation we can beat cancer sooner!

  • £225 covers the cost of fifteen visits to a mobile awareness unit where the public can come for advice on how to reduce their risk of cancer.
  • £300 covers the cost for men to take part in a clinical trial for a day. These trials could help save the lives of anyone with prostate cancer.
  • £302 buys special chemicals called antibodies which light up vital parts of the cell to help shed light on new ways to beat cancer.
  • £600 buys a multichannel pipette. This means scientists can accurately measure 12 things at once, speeding up the pace of life-saving research.
  • £800 will keep Cancer Chat open for two days providing a safe online space to anyone to discuss any aspect of cancer.
  • £1000 kits out a PhD student with the essentials they need to start their fight against cancer.

Therefore no matter how big or small the donation is it all counts and helps towards making a brighter future.
Our Just Giving page is: or alternatively feel free to throw some money at any of us (for us to donate on your behalf) when you next see us (in work/the pub/training at the gym)... so many of us have been affected by Cancer that we need to fight back!