There is no negative element in doing this challenge. Raising money for a great cause, having some fun, doing exercise, getting fitter and setting and achieving a goal are all great things.

The only struggle there is is finding the time and motivation to start the training to get to a place where I can physically do the challenge. And selfishly, it's harder than I thought. 

7 months ago I ruptured a ligament in my knee and have done precisely zero exercise ever since. It’s been great - using my knee injury as an excuse to stop any form of exercise whatsoever. Lift weights, go swimming, upper body cardio - nah I’ve got a dodgy knee. 

Before my injury I was enjoying both the gym and football but once you stop its so hard to get back into it. How did I used to leave the house at 6 and enjoy a quick jog? Its especially hard as you’ve seen the results of any exercise go down the drain during the months of being a potato. The one saving grace is starting the training in summer - I’m pretty sure if I was waking up in January - freezing and pitch black - I would definitely just stay in bed. 

Getting into the swing of things though doesn’t take too long. The energy it takes to go to the gym seems to be diminishing and the amount of iron I can taste after a big set of stairs has also started to go away. I’m definitely not at the stage of enjoyment yet, but remembering that the phrase ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ is definitely a thing. 

Anyway - more about the cause. Cancer Research is an incredible organisation. The effort and research going into the whole industry is staggering. It means that the survival rate of children diagnosed has gone from 58% 30 years ago to 83% today. Hopefully fundraising like this can one day get us to 100%

Please do donate anything you can here: