This week we wanted to share a bit about why we are doing what we are doing… We are a family business and we are quite a close nit team most of the time (other than the time Trent gave an empty box of chocolates for a birthday, Chelsea came top on Super Mario Bros, and Kendal tried taking Trents nose off with some pliers)… That along with the fact we have babies/children/nieces/nephews is why the story from Cancer Research brochure hit such a nerve:

Rhys was just 4 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It started in his glial cells which support the nerve cells in the brain. Both Rhys and his parents were so brave. They agreed to take part in a clinical trial funded by Cancer Research UK to help increase the survival for young people with low grade glioma.

Now, 4 years on and Rhys is happy and healthy. It is with the donations that Cancer Research UK receive that they can invest in life saving treatments and trials like Rhys’.

So our nearest and dearest as often called – love um and hate um – we wouldn’t be without them!! We want to do something to help ensure that they are not lost and help others going through the fight to stay and grow old with their loved ones!!!


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