Whilst most of us enjoyed a cosy Christmas break and an exciting New Year’s Eve seeing in the new decade with loved ones, Australia has been dealing with the terrifying and tragic bushfires which have been destroying the country. Shocking images have been circling the internet and each day more reports are being published on the rise of destroyed homes and towns, increased death toll and loss of wildlife.

The bushfires are continuing to spread and now there is a stretch of fires burning right across Australia, with the most affected areas being the southern and eastern coasts. Ecologists at the University of Sydney have estimated almost half a billion animals have lost their lives in the bushfires from when they first began just several months ago, with actual numbers likely to be much higher. Satellite images have even shown that smoke has made its way across the South Pacific Ocean over to South America thousands of miles away.

Being halfway across the world it’s easy to feel helpless, but there are many ways you can contribute to the rescue and recovery of the Australian bush fires. As a company we like to do our bit where possible and will continue to explore greener initiatives throughout 2020, as well as encouraging others to think about what changes they can make. 

Here at CCM we have donated to Australian Red Cross and Wires Wildlife Rescue, and we want to encourage you and your business to make donations to support those in Australia too. 

To make this even easier for you, we have listed a number of charities which you can support. Simply click a charity link below to make a donation and show your support from across the globe: 

PHOTO: Allison Marion took the photo of her son Finn in a boat as they joined the exodus from Mallacoota.
PHOTO: Koala - Saeed Khan, Getty Images