We have a long way to go!!

So… I am all signed up at the gym with exercise classes available at all times of the day (virtual classes a new concept to me whereby the instructor is on screen not sweating in the studio with me), have been swimming twice in one week (with the kids which I believe is harder work than the leisurely/quiet swim of my past), and been walking everywhere possible to get my step count up (still not got my head around the fact I need to do a weeks’ worth of steps in just one day/24 hours).

How do I currently feel?

Just like the snail in my photo.

I came across this little guy whilst out walking and had to stop and relate – his long slow climb to the top of the wall seemed a direct comparison to our mountain climbs. I stayed with him for the whole 7 minutes it took him to reach the top (and yes I think all the nearby homeowners thought I was casing their houses)?!

He did it!! He stayed on track and kept going… and that’s what we need to do over the next 3 months in order to reach our peak! I like to think that I helped encourage his journey and it made me realise that I am lucky as not only do I have a great opportunity to raise money for a great cause, but can get fitter in the process and also support my sibling peeks on their journeys. Now to get stepping and see what the next week brings…

Please do donate anything you can here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/threepeekschallenge