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Why Print Management

It is our job to know which technique will suit your job. When going direct to a printer you’re relying on them having a suitable press to produce your job efficiently, productively and most importantly cost effectively. However using a print management company, such as CCM, you are accessing 1000’s of presses with different availability, whilst putting your job in the hands of a team with over 100 years print experience.

by , 14th Apr 2017


How Interesting is Stationery

As a supplier of stationery we understand that it can be often overlooked and under-valued. With every business in the world needing paper and a pen it is very much a commodity and quite often such a small cost that people don’t take notice of the expense. The UK spent £2.8BN on stationery in 2015 which is rather a lot. This equates to 59,322,033,899 ball point pens meaning every single person in the UK bought 926 pens.

by Chelsea Peek, 04th Mar 2017


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